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Radiant Floor Heating…
Makes sense!

There are many reasons to choose radiant floor heating, but it really boils down to being the 'smart' heating choice….radiant floor heating just makes sense!

For almost all heat applications, radiant floor heating has become the smart choice for educated consumers. That's why more and more people are choosing to specify radiant floor heat in their new home or renovation.

The number-one benefit of radiant floor heat is, of course, comfort—you really can't beat radiant if you want to be able to walk around the house in your bare feet on a cold winter's (or even chilly spring or fall) day. This is probably the number-one reason why it has often been considered a "luxury" heating method. (It's rumored that Oprah has radiant floor heat in a Florida home so she can have warm tootsies even with the air conditioning on!) But more and more people realize that radiant heat isn't just for the rich and famous: the cost really is quite reasonable, and you too can live in "luxury!"

Radiant floor heat is so comfortable because it basically turns your floor into a very large radiator. Electric heating cables, electric heating mats or hot water circulating under the floor causes heat to radiate slowly from the floor upwards. As the heat radiates throughout the room, it actually heats the objects and people in the room—everything is heated slowly and thoroughly and retains heat longer, giving you a very even and comfortable warmth.

Other benefits of installing radiant floor heat in your home or office include:


t's Clean—with everything contained and no air being blown about your home, dust, pollen, and other allergens are reduced. Radiant floor heating is great for anyone, but especially those who suffer from allergies.
It's Quiet and hidden—you don't see air vents or hear loud fans working-it's quiet and takes up a lot less space in your home.

Why is Radiant heat so popular today?

Radiant heat has really gained in popularity in the US in the past 5-10 years.

Home improvement shows such as This Old House™ have extolled the benefits of radiant floor heat on numerous occasions and many home-related magazines have featured articles about the comfort and energy savings achieved through radiant floor heating. Richard Trethewey, of This Old House™, is a Rehau representative and is always speaking about the benefits of Radiant Floor Heat. Here's where you can read one of Richard's articles on this subject.

Radiant heat products have become widely available here in the US, and more and more homeowners are realizing that they too can enjoy the benefits of radiant heat. Radiant floor heat isn't just for upper-end home owners anymore.

Installation of the Ultra-Fin Radiant Floor Heating System.
It uses high-temperature (150-180-degree) water to create
a convection current in the subfloor to heat the room above.
Low-E LS160 Reflective Tab Insulation will be installed
to keep the heat in the joist cavity and force it upwards.

Radiant heat technology isn't new—it is a proven, reliable method of heating your home. Radiant floor heat has been successfully used in Europe for years and it is estimated that 50% of all new European construction employs radiant floor heat. This is probably due to higher energy costs, which the US is just now beginning to experience. The availability, reliability, and comfort of radiant floor heat has made it the fastest growing type of heating system in the US, and we think this is more than just a trend—we believe it is the heating system of choice for this century.

Frank Lloyd Wright specified radiant heat in most of his homes, including Western PA's famous Fallingwater—so your home will be in good and prestigious company when you choose to install radiant heat!

If you want the comfort that only radiant floor heat can offer, call us today—we're here to help you "Live in Luxury!"


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