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Why we sell Rehau

Pittsburgh Radiant, LLC specializes in distributing Rehau Pex-A tubing and accessories because…

We believe in quality and have found that Rehau quality is worth its price. Pex tubing comes in different grades-Pex-A, Pex-B, and Pex-C - we sell only Pex-A!
Rehau products are easy to work with - Rehau's innovative connectors make installation a great deal easier and reliable than competitor's solutions.
Rehau has a great reputation in the industry - they have a long track record of research and innovation and have been around a long time. You may be less familiar with the Rehau name - but we believe that's just because Rehau spends less on advertising and more on creating a better product.
We've heard of other distributors offering 'repair kits' with their tubing - we can only wonder why - we want you to come back because you want to…not because you have a problem with the product you purchased!

To learn more about the Rehau company and radiant heat visit the related web link below or call me anytime!



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